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Pumped concrete must be designed to that it can be easily conveyed by pressure through a rigid pipe of flexible hose for discharge directly into the desired area.  Pozzocrete use can greatly improve concrete flow characteristics making it much easier to pump, while enhancing the quality of the concrete and controlling costs.

Mix Homogeneity


The designer must be aware of the need to improve the grade and maintain uniformity of the various materials used in the pumped mix in order to achieve greater homogeneity of the total mix.  Three mix proportioning methods frequently used to produce pump able concrete are :


Maximum Density of Combined Materials


Maximum Density – Least Voids


Minimum Voids – Minimum Area

Mixes must be designed with several factors in mind:


1. Pumped concrete must be more fluid with enough fine material and water to fill internal voids.


2. Since the surface area and void content of fine material below 300 microns control the liquid under pressure, there must be a high quantity of fine material in a normal mix.  Generally speaking, the finer the material, the greater the control.


3. Coarse aggregate grading should be continuous, and often the sand content must be increased by up to five percent at the expense of the coarser aggregate so as to balance the 500 micron fraction against the finer solids.


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